Vocalista do Lamb Of God se envolve em acidente de carro

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Vocalista do Lamb Of God  se envolve em acidente de carro imagem divulgação

Randy Blythe, vocal do lamb Of God, sofreu um acidente de carro neste último sábado (09), nas proximidades de Oklahoma.

Ele estava com dois amigos parado no acostamento de uma estrada secundária, quando seu veículo e o de outra pessoa foram atingidos por um carro em alta velocidade.

A mulher e três pessoas que estavam no carro que causou o acidente ficaram feridos e precisaram de tendimento médico.

O integrante do Lamb Of God e seus amigos saíram ilesos dessa situação e fizeram fotos do que ocorreu.

Randy fez várias postagens no Instagram dizendo que quase morreu neste fim de semana, além de criticar bastante a motorista que causou o acidente.

Photo #1 in a series. We are all ok- BUT if you are driving & looking at this: PUT DOWN THE GODDAMNED PHONE AND DRIVE, ASSHOLE. 7.9.2016 "PAY ATTENTION #1" Oklahoma. Listen to me, little girl: this is what you almost died in yesterday. This is what you almost killed me, my 2 friends, our dog, & another driver with. This is what you almost killed your 3 friends with. This is what you almost killed YOURSELF with. I sat parked on the side of the two-lane country road & I watched as you plowed into our chase vehicle's trailer- I saw your truck hit it & fly into the air. Like a slow-motion horror movie scene, you sprouted deadly wings & flew high into the air towards us before crashing onto the road a few feet away. You had hit another truck before you even crashed into our trailer. We were in the middle of nowhere, on wide-open road, with a clear view for miles. How did you not see us? How fast were you going to run into 2 vehicles & still fly into the air like that? We were stopped, & completely off the road, the other truck behind us that you hit was going maybe 3 mph, maximum. We were all aware of each other- somehow, you were not. #leica #leicacamerausa #youmeanda63 #bloody66 #putdownthefuckingphoneanddriveyouasssholes

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7.9.2016 "PAY ATTENTION #2" Oklahoma. After you landed on your side, Rob & Kim & myself jumped out of our vehicles & ran the 15 feet towards your truck- it was smoking & we heard you all screaming inside. As we ran to the truck a person climbed out of the passenger side window, then another, then another, then another & you all flopped onto the road, filthy & covered in blood. It was a real-life horror movie- I prayed as I moved towards you: "Please God don't let anyone be dead!" You, the driver, kept yelling "My brakes went out, my brakes went out"- this is bullshit. The skid marks tell us a different story, but even if they had, you must have been going 80 mph according to the other driver you rear ended before you even hit Kim's trailer. Why? You were so quick to deny blame, screeching your head off before the rest of your friends were even out of your mangled truck- you are a child; a child driving a huge, deadly weapon. By the way, that's you going into shock on our trailer while the EMTs work on you & your other friend- I watched it happen. If Kim hadn't been behind me & Rob with that trailer, we would have joined you. Or worse. #leica #leicacamerausa #youmeanda63 #bloody66 #putdownthefuckingphoneanddrive

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